Cake Menu

            Our large cakes over 4 inches tall, made to order from scratch with real ingredients and quality

            chocolates, vanilla and butter. Serving size is approximately 1”x 2”x 4”







Topped high with swirled buttercream and sprinkles. Fondant and other decorations

could be additional



2 Dozen Mini Cupcakes



Servings: 24

Dozen Cupcakes


Servings: 12


Large Cupcake



Servings: 1


Sheet Cakes






Beautifully decorated with buttercream 4” tall. Vanilla or chocolate cake, additional for other flavors,  filling and decorations



¼ Sheet



Serves: 50


½ Sheet



Serves: 98


Full Sheet



Serves: 196


Layer Cake






2-4 layers of chocolate or vanilla cake stacked over 4” high. Decorated with buttercream frosting. Cake flavors, fillings and other frosting and decorations are additional







Serves: 12





Serves: 24





Serves: 38





Serves: 56


Cake Flavors

Price Includes: White, Chocolate, & Red Velvet.



Price includes Butter Cream


Marble, Carrot, Lemon, Almond, Strawberry, Confetti

$5-$10 Extra

Chocolate Butter Cream, Fudge, Ganache, Whipped Cream, Cream Cheese, Pecan Coconut, Peanut Butter

$2-$10 Extra

Ganache, Lemon Curd, Raspberry, Cherry, Bavarian Cream, Choc Bavarian, Mousse, Fresh Berries, Coconut, Almond

$10-$20 Extra

Seasonal Favorites:

White Cake with Fresh Strawberries

Chocolate Cake with chocolate ganache and Bavarian cream

Anytime Favorites: Confetti Birthday Cake, Espresso Truffle, Cookies and Cream and Red Velvet


Or create your own combination!

 All-time Summer Favorite- White Cake, Bavarian cream    and topped with fresh berries


Almond Joy- Rich chocolate-almond cake filled with chocolate ganache & coconut cream


Amaretto Divine- White Amaretto cake filled with chocolate fudge & Amaretto whipped cream

Andes Dream- Chocolate cake baked with Andes mints, filled with chocolate fudge & mint filling

Banana Split- Chocolate &  White cake  filled with chocolate fudge & banana cream

Black Forest- Chocolate cake filled with chocolate truffle & port cherry reduction

Boston Cream Pie-Butter cake filled with Bavarian cream & chocolate ganache

Carrot Cake - Moist cake with carrot, pecans and raisins and pineapple and Mascarpone filling 

Chai Latte- Chai spiced cake filled with white chocolate ganache

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry - Chocolate cake with fresh strawberries and ganache filling

Cinnamon Roll - Cinnamon swirl butter cake filled with sweet cream cheese.

Caramel Apple - Butter cake filled with sliced apple fruit filling & fresh caramel.

Coconut Cloud - Coconut cake filled with coconut cream

Cookies & Cream- Rich dark chocolate cake with an Oreo cookie filling


Confetti Birthday Cake- Colorful confetti cake with choice of filling


Espresso Truffle- Chocolate Cake with espresso truffle filling.

Funky Monkey – Chocolate Cake filled with chocolate and peanut butter truffle and banana cream


German Chocolate-  Just like grandma used to make, moist chocolate cake with classic pecan, coconut filling and chocolate frosting


Island Paradise - White cake filled with layer of pineapple compote & banana cream  another layer of mango curd, & coconut cream

Key Lime- White cake filled with key lime curd

Neapolitan - A layer each of chocolate, vanilla cake then filled with chocolate ganache & strawberry filling

Mudslide- Rich chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache and Bailey’s whipped cream

Pineapple Guava- White cake with layer of  guava fruit filling and pineapple compote

Pink Champagne-Pink champagne cake with strawberry filling

Raspberry Truffle - Dark chocolate cake filled with chocolate truffle & raspberry puree.

Red Velvet- Rich red velvet cake with cream cheese filling

 Sea Salted Caramel and Ganache-  Chocolate caramel cake filled caramel mouse drizzled with salted caramel and ganache


Southern Praline-  Spice Cake with bourbon pecan filling


S’mores- Chocolate cake filled with marshmallow crème & chocolate ganache

Tiramisu- Espresso cake with mascarpone and chocolate ganache filling

Tuxedo-  Layers of white & dark chocolate cakes filled with white-chocolate truffle & chocolate ganache