Edible Christmas Tree Ornaments and Frames

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Edible Christmas Tree Ornaments and Frames

I have this set of vintage cookie cutters I cherish. You know those copper ones? I kept them from my childhood which have holiday memories attached year after year. Those memories are the best kind, usually simple, impromptu gatherings and filling the home with holiday aromas. We stored them in this large cookie tin that was brought down from the cupboard every Christmas time. Even though I knew exactly what's inside, it was almost like opening a present. My first memory is when my friends joined in while my mom made the cookie dough, each of us piled on colored sugar and candies, then we patiently watched them bake. We soon had a house full while word was passed around and neighborhood kids showed up to make their cookie. The next generation of my own little ones used them, choosing their favorite shape, rolling and re-rolling the dough and eating their creations specially made for us. Now my granddaughter has watched me do this many times so she is becoming quite the cookie enthusiast. 

 I can't imagine this time of the a year without gingerbread so this year I decided to do my holiday baking, decorating and gift giving all rolled in one. On my own holiday tree I used gingerbread men and candy canes to create a simple look which I like best.

 I also got a little more creative using edible images and edible candy glass. They give off a cool luminary effect on a lighted tree. The same concept is used for edible photo frames. I used a flame less candle to add a warm holiday glow. This is a fun project to do with young ones. Family and friends would love their personalized gift made just for them.

What you will need:  

Assorted Cookie Cutters
Chocolate or Candy melts 
Edible decorations, color sugar and candies

Use the cookie dough recipe provided with rolling instructions.
Cut out shapes using nesting cutters. Or use a knife to cut out a frame or window. 
For tree ornaments use a tooth pick to poke a hole for hanging with ribbon.
Bake as directed. Small thin pieces may only take 5 minutes or less.


Melt chocolate in microwave in 30 second intervals. Be sure to stir between each interval, the chocolate pieces do not look melted until thoroughly stirred and smoothed out. Do not over heat or it will become grainy. Alternatively use a chocolate coating or Candy melts. My favorite for this project is Gingerbread Wilton Candy Melts.  

Dip cookie pieces into melted chocolate to use as a glue. You can also put melted chocolate into small squeeze bottle for easy application. Keep the bottles in hot water to prevent fast cooling. "Glue" together cookie pieces. Use melted chocolate on edges of edible images to adhere cookies. 

Decorate with tinted icing, color sugars and candy.

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