Frozen Fever - Anna's Cake

Frozen Fever - Anna's Cake

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Frozen Fever is now here!

One sheet comes with 3 strips. 2 strips are the floral design and 1 strip is the scroll design.

 Each strip measuring 2.25"x 9". A beautiful way to decorate the side of your cake. A round 8" cake is 25" around so it would need one order or one sheet of 3 strips. A 1/4 sheet cake is generally 9x12" so it would need two sheets ordered. Once placed on your dessert it absorbs the moisture and takes on the flavors of your product. Buttercream icing, ice cream cakes and fondants work great to name a few.
To place strips on cake you will need to cut sheet with scissors or use exacto knife. The sheet cuts easily just as paper then you apply.

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