How to apply

Basic Directions for Cake Decorating                              

  • Store at room temperature and tightly sealed.  Do not store in refrigerator. It is ok to refrigerate or freeze once placed onto cake.

  • Peel backing and apply to freshly frosted cake.  White Butter Cream is best even store bought is a good choice. Color will show through. The image will absorb the moisture and meld into the frosting or other product you’re using for decorating.

  • Trim as needed. Images can easily be trimmed with scissors. This may be necessary especially for the cupcake and other shaped images, be careful they don’t tear when peeling backing.  Cut with or without backing depending on size needed.

  • If images are soft you can handle with latex type gloves so it will not melt further from heat of hands

  • While decorating keep sealed in bag until ready to place on cake. They dry out extremely fast and become brittle when left out.

  • If the cake has been frosted earlier and has crusted, spray lightly with a VERY fine mist.

  • Be careful not to let drops of water touch the edible ink side, it runs very easily. It will also tear with too much moisture.

  • For fondant or gumpaste you can brush with a very thin layer of water, piping gel or simple syrup

  • Make sure to remove any ice crystals off of ice cream cakes and then apply.

  • Gently smooth out any air bubbles running your fingers to the outside of image.

  • Leave uncovered or do not let image absorb too much moisture; it will melt.  It is ok to cover it for a 2-3 hours if you need to soften your image.  Whip cream is not recommended unless it is frozen

    i.e. icecream cake

  • When images have dark edble ink it may stick to backing.  See following trouble shooting tips

Trouble shooting tips

  • Place the sheet in a very cold DRY freezer for 10-15 seconds.  We find this method works the best of all.

  • Leave in longer if needed but be careful that it doesn’t crack when bending  (very brittle when frozen)

  • Use a hair dryer to blow hot air on the front and reverse side of the backing sheet for 30-40 seconds.

  • Leave the Frosting Sheets™  in normal room conditions to allow it to dry sufficiently.

  • Roll the Frosting Sheets™ over the edge of a desk to encourage the frosting to come off.

  • Leave the Frosting Sheets™ in an air conditioned room for a short time.

  • Place the Frosting Sheets™ in a warm dry oven at a low temperature for about 1-2 minutes, or lay the sheet on a warm pan for 1-2 minutes.

    Important Things to Consider

  • These are a sugar based product and work similar to candy, fondant or other confectionaries.

  • Too much moisture with heat will make them soft;  dry temperatures will harden it

  • Air conditions (humidity or dryness) and weather play an important role in dry time i.e. cookie icing; or how the image melds with your method of decorating

  • Please contact us for more details or questions

  • If like many, this is for a very special event and we recommend experimenting first. Always consider back up and most of all have fun J


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