Our Products
I never used Edible Images before what are they?
Edible Image is a registered trade mark of Lucks Food Decorating. Your images are placed on a icing sheet with food coloring using FDA compliant equipment. The sheet is a thin layer of sugars that will meld with frosting or any moisture you add to it. They are not sticky, only until you add it to your product. When using fondant you can sray or brush water, piping gel or simple syrup then apply. They are pliable and come to you with a backing sheet and can be cut in any shape with or without the backing.
Your Photos
What type of photo is best for Custom Images?
We ask that you provide the image for Custom Sweet Images.
Photos that have bright colors and light background is best for edible ink printing. If you order circle images make sure the object is in an area that can be cropped into a full circle.
What size and type of file should I give you?
  •         JPEG is the best file to use
  •          2 MB is perfect
  •          60 KB is about the lowest, these are usually from  phones
  •       Or 600 x 600 pixels to 1000 x 1000 pixels, anything below 600 x 600 pixels will not be clear when fitted on a rectangle sheet.
  •          The orders for 2" or 3" images can be smaller file size
  •           There will be distortion if your file is too small Hint: if its from a website most will not have clear resolution since these are small files for online

 A good way to test your own photo is with an editor. Resize it to your order dimensions and see if its clear and sharp. Or right click and look at properties.

If a file is given from Word or PDF the color will be off. There will also be a chance of images turning a greenish color when later used.

    Will you edit my photo?

Cropping is also available please take notice of your image if you want it into a circle, some areas cant be cropped in if you want the entire subject from your photo. If this is the case we can place the entire (rectangle/square) photo onto the circle icing sheet. Its best to leave clear instructions if cropping is involved.

Since we are only a step to completing your finished product it is important to leave precise instructions for our designer. Your original photo proportion is important to consider while leaving directions. A proof can be asked for before a final print. Also, we have an online designer to make it so much easier, what you see is what you get!!!! 

  • We will fit your photo with in a 8" x 10.5" template,
  • Other sizes: 7.5" round template, 3" round template, 2" round template 
  • We will not distort or cut into the main subject.
  • We will crop the background to fit, unless told otherwise
  • It might be a good idea to mention what your finished result will be so we can alert you if we see something does not seem right
  • Each order is done quickly and they are time sensitive so clear instructions are important if you would like something besides these basic guidelines

What we offer
I don't see an image I'm looking for can you help me?

We also do many Custom Sweet Images just give us your image and we can also add text. If you own the photo we can print it, unfortunately were not  allowed to print anything copied from the internet.  For Custom Images we ask that you provide the image.

Do you have adult only themes?

Adult only is accepted for custom images. Please leave a note in the special instructions that it is 18+.  We like to do bachelor or bachelorette themed images or tasteful images for a special someone.

Is there a bulk discount?
Yes, the 2" cupcake order is set up for bulk orders and will apply to other products. Please call to order other products.
Processing and Shipping
How fast will I get my order?

  •                          Orders are processed in the order they are received
  •                           Expedited/ Overnight or priority orders are processed before first class shipments
  •                            ALL Orders asking for proof will take up 2 to business days
  •                             If an order is over a month in advance we will hold it to give you fresh quality food product. Shipping 2 weeks before required due date.
  •                             There may be processing time 24hrs or more depending on how busy we are and how extensive your design is. These are custom made.
  •          Our regular business hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday, closed on Holidays. Orders will be processed on business days.
  •           Orders are processed the next business day
  •             We use First Class USPS mail and it takes 2-5 days depending on your location.

  •          For Free shipping we use First Class Mail
  •          We offer  2-3 Day Priority
  •          Express can be processed and shipped  same day if ordered before 11am.
Where do you ship to?
We ship anywhere in the United States. I'm sorry we no longer ship to Canada. Please continue to checkout page for shipping prices in Canada. At this time we only use USPS. This was not fitting our international customers needs.  
How can I track my order?

A tracking number will be sent with your  shipping confirmation. Check your spam folder if you didnt receive this. Contact us if you have any questions.

Using My Image
My Image is sticking to the backing, what should I do?
When the humidity is high or your image has deep dark colors it may stick to the backing. Place it in the freezer aproximately 5 minutes. After taking it out do not bend the sheet it will crack. It will then peel easily.


How should I store these?
Store  the Edible Images room temperature sealed air tight away from light and extreme moisture and heat. They will last one year.
If I order more is there a discount?

We love return customers! There are always great items on sell plus coupons with orders. If  you are registered there are even more savings.


Do you have questions? See the contact page for an easy form to reach us.