Weather Advisory

Weather and shipping information

Colorado Weather update: Freezing 2/9/18

See this website for current conditions  USPS Severe Weather Report

Other winter conditions may delay delivery.

The sugar sheets do not ship well in extreme cold weather. We do not recommend shipping in 20 degree weather or below because they will quickly freeze. This causes them to be very fragile when typically, they can withstand slight movement or bending.

Do not leave out in any freezing weather for an extended period of time.

There is a chance they freeze when left on doorstep or mailbox.

We recommend enough ship time to delay shipment if any extreme freezing is present or enough time for us to send you another order at our cost.

We will resend or replace your order  by Priority Mail but we cannot reimburse the order.

Please allow enough time if a new shipment is needed. We are not responsible if it is too late to reorder however, we can replace with a future order.

Thank You!

Renee Buzzell

Owner and Operator